3" Razor Emporium English Bridle & Canvas Straight Razor Strop - Made in USA

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Manufactured by Razor Emporium in our own shop in Phoenix, AZ

This handsome American Made English Bridle strop is ideal for both performance and value for today's traditional shaving enthusiast. Featuring 3 inch wide, 18 inch stropping area, you get an easy to use, well made strop that will keep your straight razor sharp and keen. 

Width: 3"
Stropping Area: 18"
Strop Length handle to handle: 29"
Key benefits:
  • American English Bridle style leather in black- a high quality, supple leather with light draw
  • American cotton-canvas back to de-burr your edge and protect your leather side
  • 3 inch wide to eliminate a cross stroke pattern and make it easier to learn how to strop for the first time
  • Hand assembled and finished in the USA
  • Replacement parts available here



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  • 5
    High quality strop. Well made with the finest materials

    Posted by Adrian Bangerter on 7th Feb 2021

    A great company and I will use them again

  • 5
    Great Performer, Excellent Feedback, Easy to Use

    Posted by Shiraz Cassim on 22nd Dec 2020

    Full Disclosure: After receiving this strop, I immediately disassembled it and conditioned both sides of the leather with Fromm 1907 strop dressing for 48 hours while laying the leather on a flat surface. This probably (most certainly) wasn't necessary but it's my habit. The leather is exquisitely supple and provides a smooth yet grippy draw with tones of feedback. This leather does a great job providing sensations that help judge how much of the razor's edge is being worked by the strop, and its suppleness/flexibility helps to conform to the razor and alleviate geometry issues. I find this helpful for Thiers Issard Razors which have great razor steel but suffer from more geometry issues than my DOVOs. I get awesome edges with this strop. I also have the Razor Emporium horsehide strop. In my subjective opinion get more feedback from the English Bridle and it's easier for me to use but the horsehide gives the edge a touch more refinement. I often do 40 laps on the English Bridle and finish with 20 laps on the horsehide. For reference, I hone my own razors with Shapton Pro stones up through 30k followed by stropping on magnetically backed denim strips loaded with .250 micron and 0.125 micron diamond sprays placed chef knives to go steel stropping plate. I then finish on these leather strops. Once a month I may go back to the diamond-loaded denim or the 30k or both for 5-10 laps. These leather stops do a great job of maintaining the edges I obtain with this method. I generally strop before every shave but always do at least 20 laps on the canvas after each shave to help dry my razors. The canvas on these strops is of very good quality. It'd be interesting if Matt could look into sourcing flax canvass material for an optional accessory canvass. The internets tell me that old flax firehose is the best canvass material for razor strops.

  • 5
    3” English Bridle Strop

    Posted by Raymond Foxwell on 21st Dec 2020

    Met and exceeded expectations. High Quality product. I just started using a straight razor about 8 months ago and started with the travel strop to get some experience before I bought something more expensive.

    The service and quick responses I got from Razor Emporium was timely Snd professional. My strop was stuck in transit , for several weeks. USPS either misplaced it or because of COVID, Christmas shopping on the internet along with the influx of mail this time of year overwhelmed the USPS.

    R.E filed an inquiry on my behalf with the USPS and kept me up to date on their findings.

    Bought several items from R. E. Over the last 8 months. A very reliable business, with very nice products and great customer service.

  • 2
    English Bridle Strop

    Posted by Raymond Foxwell on 13th Dec 2020

    Ordered 11/272020, today is 12/13/2020 and it has not arrived as of yet. Tracking software says it has never left their State.
    Contacted them 12/4/2020, they said the USPS is running behind. Maybe, COVID is causing more on line orders than usual. Can’t rate a product I never received.

  • 5
    English Bridle Strop

    Posted by Brian P. Greer on 5th Nov 2020

    I ordered this strop with the help of Dj. She is the bomb, and so is this strop. I used it the minute i got it and WOW. My Ralph Aust straight razor, also purchased from Razor Emporium is sharper than razor sharp. It is perfect. And if you have any questions, about anything just call.Dj. will answer and give all the help you need. I spoke to her a few times and she is the best.If you need a strop this badboy is the ticket.. Thank You Razor Emporium And Dj.. Brian Greer

  • 5
    English Bridle Strop

    Posted by Brian P. Greer on 26th Oct 2020

    I just received my new strop. WOW I immediately stropped my new Ralph Aust straight razor,( also from Razor Emporium) and man O man. Id say its razor sharp, but its Sharper than that. This strop is something else. Just have to start out slow, don't want to nick it. Oh and one more thing. If you have to call, you will get to talk to DJ. She is also the BOMB. I talked to her twice. Just a great lady and very helpful.. Thank you Razor Emporium and DJ.. Brian P. Greer.. Marshall MI.

  • 5
    Razor strop

    Posted by Anthony on 2nd Oct 2020

    Fantastic piece of equipment, especially with the canvas portion. It removes microscopic burrs, as it turns out. Had no idea. Rea;;y
    Fantastic product, especially the canvas belt. Removes burrs, really trued up an older razor I had.

  • 5
    English Bridle & Canvas Strop

    Posted by Bill K on 27th Aug 2020

    I've has several nice strops, but this is above all. Leather is supple and well-oiled, canvas is perfectly soft, hardware is very nice and high attention to detail all combine for an enjoyable and light draw. Perfection!

  • 5
    3 Razor English Bridle

    Posted by Sam Mitchell on 25th Aug 2020

    Excellent product!

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