Feather Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

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Similar to Feather's 'Popular' Double Edge Razor, this one is adjustable to deliver a superb, clean & personalized shave.

Simply twist the knob and the razor head opens up so you can insert a new blade.  This TTO (turn to open) or "butterfly" style razor is also adjustable, meaning you can make it more or less aggressive. Comes with a comfortable ergonomic handle with extra grip & precision metal head.  Excellent starter razor.  Compatible with all double-edge razor blades.

Country of Manufacture: Japan
Type: Double Edge Safety Razor
Weight: 6g
Color: Black / chrome

Includes 2 free Feather New HI-Stainless Platinum Coated Blades.

More Information

The Feather Popular DE razor is a economical and light-weight razor that offers a close and comfortable shave. The body is made of an attractive plastic and the silo doors are made of metal. This is a great starter razor for those interested in starting DE razor shaving. Case included.

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  • 5
    Go for the blade packs

    Posted by Ted A. on 2nd Sep 2020

    Matt has rated all of the blades he sells for aggression. Buying a blade pack allows you to experiment with different blades to decide what's right for you without investing a lot of money.

  • 5
    Great starter safety razor

    Posted by Ted A. on 2nd Sep 2020

    I wanted to give safety razors a try but wanted something that was inexpensive, good quality and mild. Feather's reputation is pretty well established so I decided to give them a try. This razor was the perfect place to start. The mild setting made it possible to ease into DE shaving without nicks or cuts. As it turns out, the mild setting of this razor is perfect for me. My recommendation is that if you want to give DE shaving a try, the combination of a butterfly razor and the mild setting make this Feather the perfect choice. I also recommend buying one of Matt's blade packs. Trying different blades is a plus as you're learning a new approach to shaving.

  • 5
    Surprisingly pleasing

    Posted by Rick on 29th May 2020

    Lots of plastic, but well designed and quality is there. Performed well. Travel. Beginner. Not a show off piece. Feather products work well.

  • 3
    OK but not great

    Posted by Scott on 17th Dec 2019

    I really like the easy grip handle. It feels cheap. I don't like the plastic guard bar (?). I do like that it is adjustable. Good for travel.

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