Merkur 23C - Long-Handle Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

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The Merkur 23C Long-Handle Double-Edge Safety Razor has an easy to use long handle for extra grip and control for those of you with larger hands. One of the most popular Merkur Safety razors we have to offer, this razor is the perfect choice for those starting off into wet-shaving or for those familiar with the feel of a cartridge handle.

Don't be fooled however- the shaving head is the EXACT same as found on the Merkur 34HD - capable of delivering a smooth and comfortable shave with ease. This razor is also a great choice if you head or leg shave as it offers extra reach. Can be used with all standard double edge blades.

Weight: 2.2 oz (62 g)
Length: 4" (10 cm)
Made in Germany



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    Merkur 23 C long handle

    Posted by Billy Shave on 21st Jul 2019

    I find this model to be typical of my other Merkur as it must have the same head as other models . Very mild and comfortable , excellent for sensitive skin types . I purchased this model for my wife thinking she would prefer a longer handle for her legs , she did not . I purchased the brass ball end universal razor handle from Razor Emporium and found it to make a perfect match for this head as it is shorter and heavier .
    I would recommend this razor as it comes to anyone

  • 5
    Good shave

    Posted by Lance on 22nd Jun 2019

    I switched from cartridge razors, which always cut up my neck like a bunch of drunken ninjas. This 23C long handle razor made the switch to a DE safety razor easy and natural. No more neck nicks.

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    Very pleased

    Posted by Mike on 23rd May 2016

    I continue to be very pleased with this razor. The 3 piece, low profile head and long handle are ideal, making it very easy and pleasant to handle. I've been using Van der Hagen mug soap because I already had it on hand, and like how it's slick and smooth to glide. I tried some of my old Barbasol in a can just to compare, and it was ok but no slickness to it, so no more of that. I used a Personna blade for 7 shaves and it was nice and just barely starting to drag. I could have done more, but was anxious to try a Derby extra-it's even nicer, even after 4 shaves, and want to take it to the max and see how many shaves I can get with it. This razor is such an adventure and nice to use, that there's no need to try anything else.

  • 5
    "Now, THIS is a razor"

    Posted by Mike on 13th May 2016

    Just shaved for the first time with a Merkur 23c long handle and within the first minute two things crossed my mind. "Now this is a real razor" and "Where has this thing been all my life." Over the last 50 years I've used two short handled butterfly heads and a bunch of cartridge heads, and I did get to like the long metal handle of a Gillette Atra. So, I chose the Merkur 23c long handle and glad I did. It's so much easier and pleasant to control, and you can flip to the other side of the head without any clumsy feeling. The lower profile of the head is a lot nicer to use compared to the bulky head of a butterfly, especially shaving under the nose. Glides over the skin very smoothly and comfortably and not a single nick. For the first time, shaving is now a pleasant experience, and not a chore. I can't think of any reason to try anything else. Thanks to Matt for the help.

  • 4
    Comfortable and shaves great

    Posted by Kevin on 28th Apr 2015

    The longer handle is a big plus. Gives you much better control. Only gave it 4 stars because I like my Gillette 1961 Fatboy better.

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