Lucky Tiger Shaving Cream, Get Lucky!

Lucky Tiger Shaving Cream, Get Lucky!

Posted by Marissa Neel on 17th Feb 2017


     The Lucky Tiger story begins in the 1920’s, in Kansas City, Missouri. Benjamin Clarke, an amateur scientist and barber, created a tonic for the hair and scalp that was different and better than any other product in his day and called it “Lucky Tiger Tonic.” Everyone who visited Ben’s Barbershop got the royal treatment – a shave, a haircut and a generous splash of Lucky Tiger Tonic. As the popularity of Lucky Tiger Tonic grew Ben began to sell it out of his shop. Over the years Lucky Tiger maintained a fierce and loyal following in the barbershop industry and with shave enthusiasts worldwide. 

The Products:

     Lucky Tiger Liquid Shave Cream is unlike other shaving products. It is a liquid to be applied to the face and rubbed in with your hands or brush. Unlike other shave lathers that uses a bubbling agent to create a lather, this liquid shave skips the lather middle man and holds water directly onto your face providing slickness and protection from nicks and irritation! 

     All the Lucky Tiger products, including Brushless Shave Cream and Tonic contain the olive fruit oil. This nutrient provides outstanding lubrication that will allow your razor to handle the job, even if you have coarse hair, and to protect your skin throughout the process. Your blade can get close while reducing the dangers of razor burn. The healing properties of calendula, which leaves your face cool, as well as the calming presence of chamomile combine to soften your skin and even heal damaged areas.

Scent Profile:

A wonderfully pleasant clean, fresh citrus with tangerine and grapefruit!! The Lucky Tiger scent is a classic, mellow scent. It will not overpower your everyday cologne, and this makes it a great option for most men!

Who Should Try It:

Lucky Tiger is great for sensitive skin, is paraben free and utilizes a combination of natural olive fruit oil, calendula, and chamomile ' natural botanicals, antioxidants, and vitamins that will improve the overall look of your skin and keep it healthy.