Vie-Long Horse Cachurro Product Spotlight

Vie-Long Horse Cachurro Product Spotlight

Posted by Marissa Neel on 8th Jun 2017

History of Horse Shaving Brushes:

             Horse hair shaving brushes have been around since the invention of the shave brush in the 1750's. Keep in mind, horses were everywhere! Horse hair was utilized for a myriad of goods and was a standard ingredient in shave brushes. Often they were combined with badger, boar, or even camel to change the characteristics.

There's been a resurfacing of past stories of anthrax and the dangers of horse hair but you have nothing to worry about! We repeat: HORSE HAIR IS NOT DANGEROUS! Back in the day sanitation standards were non-existent. Today international regulations ensure we have nothing to fear from naturally occurring anthrax in the far away soils of fields that house horses. Period.

Horse hair is a great alternative for those seeking an animal friendly shaving brush option as the hair is trimmed from a horse without any harm to the animal. The hair is softer than boar and nearly holds as much soap as badger. 

Vie-Long Cachurro Professional Brush:

This beautiful metal and wood handle with extra long horse hair knot comes from Valencia, Spain. There isn't a ton of information on the company's history. We do know it is family run, and they have excellent brushes for all levels of experience and all materials. 




Who Should Try It:

           Shavers looking for a middle ground between soft Badger and coarse Boar will find comfort in the Horse hair option. Without being too scrubby, or too weak, horse hair whips up a lather and is gently but firm on your face. For conscious buyers, its a great way to support cruelty free manufacturing without sacrificing a traditional shaving material.