Omega Brand Spotlight

Omega Brand Spotlight

Posted by Marissa Neel on 1st Jun 2017


           Omega has been making high quality brush for make-up, painting, and shaving since 1931 in Italy. Today they have a long history of supply bristle or boars hair to the wet shaving world. Every shaver knows the bet shave starts with the best prep and a sub quality brush can shed hairs into your lather, irritate your skin, and we've even seen knots form in the loft. Omega has been a staple in the wet shaving world even before its recent resurgence, it remains a high quality economical option for all shavers. 

Travel BrushOmega Travel Brush with Case


Products We Carry:

Omega Boar 10049: a firm bristled brush with a large and comfortable handle packs tons of value and performance. This brush is perfect for wet shavers looking to build a lather quickly! Beginner wet shavers will love the sturdy feel of this quality handle, and the soft but exfoliating boar bristles. 

Knot size: 26mm Loft: 63mm Handle: 64mm

Omega Boar 10048: This shaving brush ensures a perfect shave everytime. The high quality of the bristles, their greater length and stiffness quickly turn shaving soap or cream into a luscious lather. Large ergonomic chrome handle fits in each and every shave den! 

Knot size: 26mm Loft: 63mm Handle: 64mm

Omega Boar Travel 50014: Enjoying a wet shave while travelling doesn't have to be a chore! This economic option will allow you to take the benefits and pleasure of a wet shave no matter where the road takes you. The handle acts to extend the size and protects the bristles en route.

Knot: 20mm Loft: 50mm Handle: 44mm or 76mm

Omega Alum Block: a traditional antiseptic and astringent. Use after a shave to close your pores and stop those nicks and weepers. This alum block can work as a magic eraser for mistakes than happen along the way. 

60g with travel case, only $4.00

Chrome Boar Brush OmegaAlum for Nicks and Cuts Omega

Who Should Try It:

         Omega is a brand you cannot miss when shopping for wet shaving accessories. They are one of the best brands for value and quality, making the transition from cartridge shaving to safety razor or even a straight razor a pleasurable one. We highly recommend the Omega Boar brushes for any shaver looking to increase exfoliation during your shave prep and take advantage of all the skin benefits boar can bring!