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Razor Revamp Service


 Product Description

Have a razor that needs to be fixed, polished and plated in a new metal? Revamp it!


A few quick answers to recent common questions updated last: 1/26/16

1. Razors are completed based on first come first serve. Our current turnaround time is to 6- 8 weeks on average. Read our recent blog post here. 

2. The Tune Up service is included in the price of your Revamp. Razors will be returned functioning as best as possible only being sent home when they complete several quality control checks. We have the knowldege and expertise to fix many razor issues. Unfortunately, we cannot go back in time,  so please remember your razor is vintage and we can only do the best with the limitations of your razor. If you have specific questions about what to expect when your razor comes home to you, please call and speak with us before sending it in.

3. Because the steps of our service have changed, so have our updates. We are working to update you when your razor progresses, but if at anytime you have a question about your Revamp please call us at 855.264.1199 or e-mail help@razoremporium.com



Finding a vintage razor online or at an antique store can be fun and an economical way to try out some of the classic performing models. However what do you do with the pitts, rust, worn plating and broken components that sometimes come with it? We designed our Revamp Service to address all of these issues and deliver to you a vintage razor that looks and functions like it just left the factory floor!



  1. We first clean your razor in our industrial ultrasonic machine to remove any soap scum, mineral deposits and grime. Disassembly is carried out for the best results. 
  2. Razor is stripped of original plating using a gentle chemical bath.
  3. All areas of the razor are then resurfaced; removing minor scratches and minor dents that could have formed over the years. 
  4. Next we carefully polish the inside and out of your razor, bringing the vintage metal up to a high luster. 
  5. Mechanical adjustments are made to ensure the best functionality of your razor.
  6. We then plate the razor in-house using the desired material of your choice (see below) at 8 micro-inches- thicker than Gillette and nearly 3 times that of any other plating facility today for Rhodium or 24K Gold.
  7. We carry out any painting that is needed - numbers on adjusters, tips on super speeds and black handles, black lines on fatboys. We bake the paint on for greater durability at no additional cost.
  8. Razors are again cleaned and sanitized before being lubricated and mailed back home. We include a free POLISHING CLOTH that will safely keep the shine on your vintage find!



  • We fix 'em. As expert collectors, we're qualified to perform mechanical adjustments to make your razor function better when/if possible
  • We resurface the metal. Plating alone would be like painting a hail-damaged car
  • Longer lasting. We plate 2-3 Times thicker than anyone else
  • Razors arrive Shave Ready. We clean, polish, lubricate, paint, test and sanitize all razors before they're sent back to you
  • We stand behind our work. If you ever have an issue with your revamped razor, send it to us and we'll make things right



With thousands of razors successfully revamped, we have a fairly good idea of what is achievable from this process. The best results come from razors made of brass or stainless steel. This includes nearly every razor from Gillette. Unfortunately we are unable to plate the following in any capacity:

  • 1950's Black Tip Super Speeds
  • All Black Handled Super Speeds
  • Blue Tip/ Light Super Speeds
  • 1960's Lady Gillette's



  • "Add to Cart" this service, check-out and make payment.
  • You will purchase Shipping during checkout, this is how we will return your razor after completion.
  • You will receive an Order Confirmation E-mail within an hour of purchase. Click the red hyper link that says Revamp and fill out this Revamp Service PDF. Include this form when shipping your razor.
  • Send in your razor however you choose - USPS Small Flat Rate box is our recommendation. The postage you have purchased already is for return shipping.
  • We'll let you know when we receive your razor and keep you updated during the process. 
  • Our turn-around time is 6-8 weeks once we receive your razor.


Keep in mind...

Most surface scratches, dings and dents can be either minimized or removed all together through our surface restoration, however deep pitting or other serious metal imperfections can't be removed! These areas will leave texture underneath the plating, and still be visible.We take into consideration the integrity of the metal before aesthetics and sometimes corrosion, pitting or dents are just too deep to safely be removed on parts of the razor. Know that we will do our best to make your razor sparkle and shine, but are limited by what we receive from you.

As of 10/20/2015, If your razor does not meet the Revamp standards due to serious corrosion or pitting, you will be contacted before work begins, order changed to Satin Nickel, and refunded the difference. If you would prefer a full refund we can issue one minus the cost of return shipping.



We promise to deliver to you a "Shave Ready" razor that has been polished, adjusted, plated, painted, sanitized and lubricated. We guarantee our work for 6 months from the date we ship it back to you, giving you the confidence to enjoy using a quality vintage razor! Please CONTACT US with any other questions!  



We know picking a metal can be a hard decision, hopefully this chart makes it easier than ever!








Rhodium 1940's Executive, 1950's President, British TTO Aristocrats
24K Gold Most models feature a thin 14K Gold with lacquer.
Rose Gold None
Nickel Super Speed, Ranger Tech, Senator, Fatboy, Slim, 3 Pc.Techs
Chrome* 1930's NEW Criterion


* While Chrome is a great metal choice for bumpers and car wheels, it reacts with water over time and without proper care, can easily start to blister and crack. On adjustable razors, it often interferes with moving parts and its brittleness doesn't do well with the flex and rubbing of metal-on-metal components that twist and tighten. For this reason we do not offer Chrome but have it here as a baseline comparison. Similarly we no longer offer Silver as an option because the upkeep required is rigorous and it tarnishes quickly.



Nickel is a hard, white, abrasion resistant metal. As an under-plate it provides corrosion protection and helps brighten the finish. This was the most commonly used plating choice for most of the Gillette and other safety razors because it was relatively inexpensive, robust, and looks good for a very long time despite heavy usage and wear. Clean nickel with dish detergent and a soft bristle tooth brush on a regular basis to maintain a soap-scum free shine. Polish only when heavy tarnish is present with a cotton cloth and products like Flitz or MAAS.

gillette-tuckaway.jpg gillette-tuckaway2.jpg
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy



Our Satin Nickel Revamps are resurfaced with Glass Bead Blasting and are reminiscent of modern stainless steel razors. Corrosion, rusting, and pitting that cannot be polished out will cause new plating to appear textured; however, utilizing glass bead blasting to disguise this scarring, a beautiful and modern finish can be achieved. This resurfacing technique is closer to the factory Gillette "tumbled" finish and "stainless steel" look of modern razors today. The wear and durability of a Satin Nickel plating finish is identical to that of regular nickel. 

Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy



Rhodium is a hard white metal in the group of platinum metals. It is very resistant to corrosion and will not tarnish. It is also very reflective and has a brilliant white shine. It is a precious metal, more expensive than the more commonly known gold and platinum. Cleaning rhodium is about as easy as it comes: a simple light scrub with a soft-bristle tooth brush and dish soap should remove any soap scum that may form on the surfaces over time with normal usage. Lightly buff the metal with a dry cotton cloth when you're done rinsing it

Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy



Our gold plating is hard acid gold which allows for good wear and brightness. It is applied thicker than Gillette had ever plated and should last for decades to come with normal usage. We plate exclusively in 24 Karat, the purist form of the element Au (Gold) at 99.9%. It has the highest luster of that deep and rich yellow color. Cleaning of the razor would be similar to any gold jewelry; best carried out by a professional or specialized Gold cleaning products.

Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy



Rose gold plating is a high karat Gold finish with a layer of copper added. It provides a rose colored hue and is very similar in all other ways to the wear / qualities of regular gold. 

Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy
Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy



If you'd like to mix and match finishes, just select the precious metal of the higher value and indicate on your shipping form what parts you'd like in what metal. We're happy to help make your razor custom and unique!

Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy Razor Emporium Revamp: Fatboy

 Product Videos

Razor Emporium Revamp Service - Replating & Restoration for Vintage Safety Razors
  • Razor Emporium Revamp Service - Replating & Restoration for Vintage Safety Razors

 Product Reviews

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Showing reviews 1-10 of 215 | Next

  1. Razor Revamp Service 24K Gold, Blade Bank, ABC / Pocket Edition)

    Posted by Ronald Davenport on 30th Jan 2016

    I sent my least attractive razor (IMHO) to test the waters, as it were, wondering if all the hype about Razor Emporium had merits. Well, let me tell you it is all true.
    This ABC Pocket Razor, with Schell Handle and Blade Bank in 24 kt. Gold is now the most beautiful razor in my den. But not for long, I can assure you. I have a monthly line up planed, for a few classical Razors.
    Not only looks were improved on. They did something to tune-up the shave quality of this piece, and let me tell you, it shaves better than I ever remember.
    If you are looking for a "real deal" Revamp, this is your puppy.

  2. Better Than New!

    Posted by Mark on 25th Jan 2016

    I have had two razors "revamped" and both turned out incredible. My Gillette Slim Adjustable was revamped in rhodium and is almost too pretty to use. My Gillette Super Speed was revamped in nickel and has become my favorite razor. Both took about 8 weeks to finish but if you don't mind the wait, you won't be disappointed.

  3. Incredible work!

    Posted by Laura Francis on 25th Jan 2016

    I had my boyfriend's grandfather's Gillette Red tip revamped in a nickel finish. He couldn't be happier with the way it came back. They did an amazing job. Thank you!

  4. Revamp

    Posted by Raymond on 23rd Jan 2016

    The end result more then met my expectations ..Excellent work ..Will use this service again no doubt..

  5. If you want your razor to really shine, The Revamp is the way to go...

    Posted by Primo on 18th Jan 2016

    I acquired a 1940 Gillette Milord Tech and the TTO mechanism wasn't functioning properly. I sent it in to Razor Emporium for a Tune -Up. Couple of weeks later Matt calls me up, to give me a progress report. The razor functions as it should. We start talking about the condition of the razor. The original plating was 99% gone. This razor was never going to have a high collector's value, so I decided to have it revamped in 24K Gold. Great decision. Wow, I wish that i could post a picture of the finished work here. They did a terrific job and my Milord Tech looks fit for a King. Great job Matt @Razor Emporium. I highly recommend this company.

  6. Awsome Razor Revamp

    Posted by Ken on 17th Jan 2016

    The razor that had been in my family since 1959 had been in a drawer since 1974. It was beat. When Razor Emporium had finished the Revamp Service it was LIKE NEW again. Thank you so much for your great work.

  7. 1959 Fatboy Revamp

    Posted by Paul Thomas on 16th Jan 2016

    My Fatboys are from Ebay or thrift stores from about 10 years ago. They were in reasonably good shape when I bought them. I just refinished one in Nickel and it looks great, a beautifully restored iconic American item. I feel like I just restored a classic Corvette or Mustang and watched it roll out of the paint shop. Ok, that is a little much. But in much scaled down way, that is how it feels!

    What I didn't really expect was how much better the razor performs on my face. Even a simple mechanical device will work better after an overhaul, and this is where the magic happens at Razor Emporium. Thanks!

  8. Beautiful

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jan 2016

    They took my grandfather's razor, and cleaned it up nicely. It is now ready to be used for another 40 years

  9. 1940's Gillette Super Speed revamp

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jan 2016

    Matt and his crew expertly preformed the many steps in this procedure to insure the integrity and look of my father's Super Speed DE razor. Thanks Guys for bringing this fine implement back to it's original condition. Your work is flawless!

  10. Simply Perfection!

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Jan 2016

    I sent in my Aristocrat for a revamp. The end caps had come off, and thus the bay doors didn't align when closed. Miserable to attempt to shave. My Aristocrat came back working and looking factory-fresh and recoated in gold. A shaving delight. I highly recommend Razor Emporium if your razor needs work or a refinish.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 215 | Next

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