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Razor REVAMP Service

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 Product Description

This is our comprehensive cleaning, resurfacing and re-plating service designed to give the best possible results for vintage shaving razors that have seen better days. By preparing the razors prior to plating and restoring them after they return, results as you see below are possible in most instances.


Our Razor REVAMP Process

All razors are cleaned and stripped of all soap scum and original plating. All areas of the razor are then resurfaced; removing pitting, scratches and minor dents that could have formed over the years. At this time, a mechanical inspection is given to the razor to make sure it opens/closes and holds a blade properly and any needed repairs are performed. We then plate the razor in the desired material of your choice (see below) at 8 micro-inches- thicker than Gillette and nearly 3 times that of any other plating facility today for Rhodium or 24K Gold.

Before the razor is ready for you to shave with again, we clean off any residue from the plating solution and give a final buff and polish to the surfaces. Next, specialized paint numbers, indicators, and color-coded tips are restored to "like-new" factory specifications. Razors are then re-assembled, sterilized in an ultrasonic cleaner, packaged with an official Razor Polishing Cloth and will return to you in Shave-Ready condition.


With hundreds of razors successfully plated, we have a fairly good idea of what is achievable from this process. The best results come from razors made of brass or stainless steel. This includes nearly every razor from Gillette. Unfortunately we are unable to plate the following in any capacity:

  • 1950's Black Tip Super Speeds
  • 1950's Bottom Dial Fatboys
  • 1960's Lady Gillette's
  • 1960's/70's Black Handle Super Speeds
  • X4 Gillette Superspeed 

The following have restrictions:

  • British Gillette Razor that feature a TTO Knob / Shaft that screw up into the handle can only be done in Nickle or Rhodium
  • Also, 2 or 3 piece Zinc-Alloy Pot-Metal razors (Edwin Jaggar, Muhle, Merkur, Hoffritz) can only be plated in Nickel or Chrome

Also, please keep in mind that most surface scratches, dings and dents can be either minimized or removed all together through our surface restoration, however deep pitting or other serious metal imperfections can't be removed! We take into consideration the integrity of the metal before aesthetics and sometimes corrosion, pitting or dents are just too deep to safely be removed on parts of the razor. Know that we will do our best to make your razor sparkle and shine, but are limited by what we receive from you.


  1. Simply select at the bottom whichever precious metal plating finish you'd like and indicate which razor model you're sending (if listed)
  2. "Add to Cart" this item at the top, check out and make payment
  3. Send us your razor along with a completed shipping form, which can be downloaded from a link on your confirmation email you will receive AFTER CHECKOUT


Orders are welcome from all Domestic and International customers and are processed in a timely fashion, with typical turn-around times of 4-6 weeks.  


  • We fix 'em. As expert collectors, we're qualified to perform mechanical adjustments to make your razor function better when/if possible
  • We resurface the metal. Plating alone would be like painting a hail-damaged car
  • Longer lasting. We plate 2-3 Times thicker than anyone else
  • Razors arrive Shave Ready. We clean, polish, lubricate, paint, test and sanitize all razors before they're sent back to you
  • We stand behind our work. If you ever have an issue with your revamped razor, send it to us and we'll make things right


We know picking a metal can be a hard decision, hopefully this chart makes it easier than ever!








Rhodium 1940's Executive, 1950's President, British TTO Aristocrats
24K Gold Most models feature a thin 14K Gold with lacquer.
Rose Gold None
Nickel Super Speed, Ranger Tech, Senator, Fatboy, Slim, 3 Pc.Techs
Silver All Old Type + New Improved razors
Chrome* 1930's NEW Criterion


* While Chrome is a great metal choice for bumpers and car wheels, it reacts with water over time and without proper care, can easily start to blister and crack. On adjustable razors, it often interferes with moving parts and its brittleness doesn't do well with the flex and rubbing of metal-on-metal components that twist and tighten. For this reason we do not offer Chrome but have it here as a baseline comparison. 





Rhodium is a hard white metal in the group of platinum metals. It is very resistant to corrosion and will not tarnish. It is also very reflective and has a brilliant white shine. It is a precious metal, more expensive than the more commonly known gold and platinum. Cleaning rhodium is about as easy as it comes: a simple light scrub with a soft-bristle tooth brush and dish soap should remove any soap scum that may form on the surfaces over time with normal usage. Lightly buff the metal with a dry cotton cloth when you're done rinsing it

th-rhodium-toggle1.jpg th-rhodium-toggle2-1.jpg th-rhodium-toggle4-1.jpg th-rhodium-toggle5-1.jpg th-rhodium-toggle6-1.jpg th-rhodium-toggle8.jpg th-rhodium-toggle9-1.jpg th-rhodium-toggle10.jpg th-rhodium-toggle12.jpg th-rhodium-toggle13.jpg


Our gold plating is hard acid gold which allows for good wear and brightness. It is applied thicker than Gillette had ever plated and should last for decades to come with normal usage. We plate exclusively in 24 Karat, the purist form of the element Au (Gold) at 99.9%. It has the highest luster of that deep and rich yellow color. Cleaning of the razor would be similar to any gold jewelry; best carried out by a professional or specialized Gold cleaning products.

th-img-1054.jpg th-img-1066.jpg th-img-1060.jpg


Rose gold plating is a high karat Gold finish with a layer of copper added. It provides a rose colored hue and is very similar in all other ways to the wear / qualities of regular gold. 



Nickel is a hard, white, abrasion resistant metal. As an under-plate it provides corrosion protection and helps brighten the finish. This was the most commonly used plating choice for most of the Gillette and other safety razors because it was relatively inexpensive, robust, and looks good for a very long time despite heavy usage and wear. Clean nickel with dish detergent and a soft bristle tooth brush on a regular basis to maintain a soap-scum free shine. Polish only when heavy tarnish is present with a cotton cloth and products like Flitz or MAAS.

th-img-0653.jpg th-img-0660.jpg th-img-0668.jpg


The whitest of all precious metals, silver is a classic metal choice that has been used in safety razors for generations. It is applied thicker than Gillette had ever plated and should last for decades to come with normal usage. Cleaning of the razor would be similar to any silver jewelry; best carried out by a professional or specialized Silver cleaning products.

th-img-0786.jpg th-img-0785.jpg th-img-0796.jpg

 Product Videos

How it's Made: The Razor REVAMP™ Process at Razor Emporium
  • How it's Made: The Razor REVAMP™ Process at Razor Emporium
  • Razor Emporium: Revamp Service FAQ's

 Product Reviews

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  1. Wow, it's like new!

    Posted by Andy Hopper on 25th May 2015

    I have had four razors sent here for revamp/replate. I will be sending many more. Razor Emporium makes the old into new.

  2. My revamped nslim now belongs in a museum

    Posted by Will on 17th May 2015

    Sent in a Gillette Slim Adjustable K-2 for the revamp service in rhodium. Like the headline says it is in my opinion museum quality. Turn around time was quick. Love doing business with these guys,they always do right by me.

  3. Not your usual razor.

    Posted by John D on 10th May 2015

    I recently scored a Henckel's Rapide razor set. A wonderful antique that was in great shape, but it's bare brass was showing. Ordered up a nickel replate and in a few short weeks, it was returned as good as new.

    Great job!

  4. 1968 Slim revamp-awsome

    Posted by Richard Weishaupt on 5th May 2015

    I just received my Gillette Slim back today and am sorry I already shaved today. It is absolutely beautiful. I doubt it looked any better when new. It was in sad shape cosmetically when I found it but appeared to be in fairly good shape mechanically. It is tighter and better mechanically since the total revamp. I cannot tell you enough how proud I am of the new nickel finish. It is astonishing the great work and improvement the revamp achieved. I highly recommend the service and would use it again when I find a good candidate for the service.

  5. 1962 Gillette H-2 Better Than New

    Posted by Brian S. on 5th May 2015

    Picked up a little H-2 from an antique store some 10 years ago, for a few dollars. My favorite shaver from that day on. It was used, and it got used. These days, you might spend upwards of 70 dollars for one in like new conditions- but suffice to say, receiving the Razor Revamp on it has taken my very good but quite old little H-2 with stock plating, and replaced it with a gleaming white piece of fine art.

    My Revamp service's turnaround was well within their specifications, and they kept me well informed of it's progress. Returned in an excellent package, with the included polishing compound cloth as promised. They new Rhodium coating is a visceral pleasure- as hard as the nib of as fountain pen, which I'm also partial to using. It is extraordinarily hard, and possessed of a brilliant luster- my razor has a high, white finish somewhere between white gold and polished silver in color- very little of the blue of pure silver or the yellow of chrome, and it's polish and ease of cleansing is great. As for glide, it is surprising good for such a dense mental- definitely better than the original finish, which on my H-2 was still very solid and free of pits and wear- so the Revamp was definitely a step up in performance overall. The fit was tight when it arrived, but after a shave's worth of soap and water, it become very smooth. The knurling on the razor stem is crisp, and grippier than previous; the lettering on my adjustment ring is superb.

    In short- I simply couldn't have asked for better. For those of us who really dig the classic stuff, want to bring new life to it, or want to pimp their favorite shaver- I can't possibly recommend the Razor Revamp service more.

    When I finally break down and decide to have my old 1890's straight razor restored to shaving condition, I do believe I will trust The Razor Emporium to handle the task- their Straight Razor Restoration service looks awesome, too!

    Thanks guys-
    Brian S.

  6. Ready for more!

    Posted by Luke157 on 4th May 2015

    My Gillette Slim Adjustable was in good shape, and shaved well, but definitely looked every one of its 50 years. I thought that it deserved better. Sent it in for ReVamp service and new nickel plating, the team communicated with me every step of the way. Received my Gillette back quickly, looking and feeling brand new! Even the stippling looked like I imagine the day it was made, and I could read the numbers on the adjustment ring again! When I can I plan on sending my K1 Slim in for Rhodium treatment this time :) Well done!

    And Yes, it shaves even better than before! Definitely recommended!

  7. Gleaming like new...maybe better than new.

    Posted by Mike Cokeley on 2nd May 2015

    I sent in a Gillette fat handle tech for revamp. Done in nickle. It is perfect. Shaves great looks beautiful. The staff kept me informed of the progress all along the way.

  8. Re-Vamp or Resurrection?

    Posted by Jon on 21st Apr 2015

    My Gillette Slim Adjustable from 1962 was found in an antique shop, not in the best shape. Matt and company found the tune-up wouldn't give best results, so I opted for the Re-vamp. The razor was returned in nearly new condition, and now is the centerpiece of my six razor collection. Highly recommended for those razors that deserve the best in TLC!

  9. Great job and thanks!

    Posted by Todd Spaulding on 21st Apr 2015

    Sent in two late 40's vintage Aristocrats for re-plating in Rhodium, one with minor mechanical issues. Plating came out beautiful, and the mechanical issue was corrected. Great communication throughout the process. Thank you so much, I'm a very pleased customer.

  10. Better than new!

    Posted by My Fathers son on 20th Apr 2015

    I sent my Fathers Gillette G4 razor to be re-plated. It was an attempt to keep a part if him alive and it is my daily shaver. To my amazement, this razor is far far far more beautiful than when it was new. If he was still here to see it he would tell me "Job well done son!" Thank you for surpassing my furthest imagination of what to expect. In the near future I will be sending my backup razor and a blade case to be treated with the same love and care by you.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 138 | Next

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